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Scorpion Spray-in Bedliners

Bonded Truck Bed Protection

Scorpion bonded spray-in truck bedliner was designed to provide protection to your truck bed so that your truck will look great even after you put it through the hard work you bought it for. But since Scorpion lining bonds permanently to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, and fiberglass, it can be applied to nearly any place advanced surface protection is needed including: flatbeds, off-road vehicles, RV's and campers, trailers, even roofs, floors, and boat hulls and decks.

Vehicle Application

  • Scorpion lining bonds permanently to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, and fiberglass
  • call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, if you have any questions about the spray-in procedure

Standard Features

  • polyurethane
  • easy to clean with water
  • non-slip surface
  • non-toxic (can be used in horse trailers and kennels)
  • bonds directly to metal to stop rust
  • easily repaired if damaged


  • choose from a full assortment of colours

Call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, today for Scorpion's current services and to discover what bedliner technology will be best for you and your truck.


The information above is listed as accurately as possible as of November 7th, 2011. Contact Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, for the most recent information.

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