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Tonneau Covers by Extang

Treat your truck to an Extang

In a one-design-fits-all-purposes world, it's refreshing for a company to design a variety of tonneaus that are made to fit your truck and work the way you use your truck. Extang's tonneau designs range from hard panel tri-fold covers to full-tilt covers, from snap style designs to roll-up designs, and even tonneaus designed with your accessible tool box in mind.

Tonneau Models

  • Encore: hard panel, tri-fold
  • Revolution: ultra low-profile
  • Solid Fold: hard lid
  • Express: roll-top
  • Trifecta: tri-fold
  • FullTilt: Hinged, easily removable
  • Classic Platinum: premium metal, snap style
  • BlackMax: with black rails and bows, snap style
  • Tuff Tonno: no snaps, click-lock tail rail
  • call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, today for Extang's current models and to discover what model will be best for your truck

Vehicle Application

  • Extang tonneaus are designed to fit most popular trucks
  • call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, if you have any questions about your truck make, model, or bed length

Ready for Canada

Cold weather causes tonneau tarps to contract, but Extang's patented 4-way tonneaus are fully adjustable, ensuring they'll work well all winter long.

Standard Features

  • easy install and removal
  • no drilling
  • SunStrong® FRP panels (some models)
  • SecureShut™ protection (some models)
  • easily removable Monster Bows™ (some models)
  • WeatherTuff Seals to provide protection against the elements (most models)
  • multi-directional tension to keep tarps looking great (most models)
  • call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, for a full Extang truck tonneau standard features list

Optional Features

  • fabric options: traditional heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl, or Signature Series with rich looking vinyl-backed black canvas (Trifecta model)
  • call Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, for a full Extang truck tonneau optional features list


The information above is listed as accurately as possible as of November 7th, 2011. Contact Trucks Plus, 613-732-2824, for the most recent information.

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